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Educating for transformation

Promoting the quality of education in the region where we act is our way of contributing to a better future.


As part of our contribution to local development, and because we believe that education is indispensable for the transformation of a territory, we are committed to developing and supporting initiatives and projects designed to improve the quality of education in the ten municipalities where we have operations. This support is provided by means of different investments: infrastructure, by building schools, classrooms and libraries; loaning facilities, such as the old Forestry Area building in Eunápolis, which we turned over to Bahia State University (UNEB); teacher training; environmental education; formation of professionals in the region, many of whom are absorbed by the labor market, including Veracel. [G4-DMA Local Community]


Federal University of South Bahia

We maintain ongoing partnerships with important educational entities, such as the Federal University of South Bahia (UFSB), which has been receiving Veracel’s support since it was established in 2013. During this period we have contributed resources for infrastructure, research, supporting events and we have made Estação Veracel available to be used as a lab.

A highlight, in 2016, was our support for a post-PhD Project on strategies for biological connection between conservation units by mean of ecological corridors. Learn more in the text “Open-Air Lab” and in the link: http://veracel.insix.com.br/blog/noticias/referencia-em-sustentabilidade/.


Classrooms in the villages

For over six years we have been donating school kits to the pupils of Amerindian schools in the 27 Pataxó and Tupinambá villages in Veracel’s area of action. With this initiative, which is supported by the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI), we reaffirm our commitment to contribute to access to education of future generations in traditional communities, as well as incentivizing recovery and preservation of the indigenous culture so very present in the region.


“This partnership has become a tradition and has helped the school grow. In the last two years we have ceased being an average school and become one of the best in the municipality.”

Gilson Matos Soares, Principal of the Pataxó Amerindian School in Coroa Vermelha, Municipality of Santa Cruz Cabrália.


Literacy in settlements

In response to demand by the very communities in social movements, in 2016 we started a literacy project in sustainable settlements. The basis for the initiative consisted of participative diagnostics that brought up eradication of illiteracy as a need for the families in such movements, the result of one of the work guidelines in these settlements.

Learn more about Veracel’s relationship with social movements and the sustainable settlement Project in the text: “Land, a fundamental asset”.


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