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The secret to boost results

Investments in personal and professional development lent the tone to management in 2016.


We are well aware that human capital is key to any business. It is no coincidence that our commitment to people is a core value, guiding our ongoing quest for the very best practices for managing our employees at Veracel. This includes remuneration in line with the market and constant care of health and welfare in a safe work environment. Furthermore, we recognize the importance and invest in qualifying and training our professionals, contributing to their progress in the company and out. [G4-DMA Employment]


In 2016, we invested over BRL 1 million on developing people.
This amounted to 67 thousand hours’ training,
an average of 79 hours per employee [G4-LA9]

“We have never invested so much in people as in recent years. Even with an unstable market, we consider that high performance is not possible without training and developing our people.”

Marcos Daniel, Veracel’s Human and Organizational Development Manager

Who make up our enterprise?

Profile of our own employees* [G4-10]






*Employment contract of unspecified duration

Total workforce*

Third Party2.552

*All 3,307 workers are in the region of Bahia State.

Total number of workers by gender



Opportunity in the neighborhood

When filling a vacancy our first option is to consider people already working in Veracel, opening up internal selection procedures. When this is not possible, we prefer professionals from the areas where we act, valorizing local labor. In these cases, vacancies are advertised in our channels, such as our website and regional communication vehicles, as well as through local bodies, such as the National Employment System (SINE).


Reinforcement in Forestry

In 2016, over 100 new employees joined our workforce, many in the Forestry area. Sixty-five entered Seedling Production coordination alone. This is a part of our strategy of increasing plantation in our own areas as well as those related to Forest Producer Program (PPF). Forestry Planning coordination’s team was also reinforced, to restructure activities related to monitoring young forests. See indicator LA1 in the GRI summary for details of new hiring.


Tomorrow’s professionals

Veracel creates conditions to increase the chances of hiring professionals in the region. We also offer opportunities for professional development for those who want to come into the market.


Young Apprentice Program

In 2016, 20 young people from Eunápolis and Porto Seguro joined the program. Young Apprentice was set up in 2009 to train adolescents, through theory and practice, to act in administrative routines in industry. Depending on their performance and the number of vacancies, they may be hired at the end of the course, but they conclude the program prepared to compete in the job market.


Course on Production and Obtainment of Cellulose Pulp

This training program, offered in partnership with National Industrial Apprenticeship Service (SENAI), is yet another way to contribute to formation of local professionals for the employment market. Last year 30 young people from the municipalities of Eunápolis, Porto Seguro and Santa Cruz Cabrália were selected, out of a total of over 800 who had registered to attend the course. It consists of 10 months’ formation, with theoretical and practical classes (internship), covering pulp production, instrumentation and measuring processes, industrial equipment and its inspection.



Course for Forest Machinery Operators

2016 saw the 23rd edition of this course, with vacancies for 20 residents of the municipality of Itagimirim. The first part consisted of 120 hours’ theoretical classes and exercises in virtual simulators. For the first time classes took place in the municipality of Itagimirim and they were taught by a team of instructors made up of experienced Veracel operators, trained by SENAI. The 10 participants who distinguished themselves in the theoretical part of the course were selected for the practical stage, extending their knowledge and graduating ready for the job market.



Here we value your talent

At Veracel, once new employees have been hired, they enjoy a number of programs and incentives to improve their performance and foster professional development.


Management by Results (MBR)

Management by Results assesses and rewards the performance of managerial level professionals, in line with targets set individually for each and the company’s strategic objectives. Other employees enjoy Participation in Results (PR), distributed annually when the targets agreed upon by the company and its professionals are accomplished, watched over by the trade unions.


Leadership DNA

The role of leadership in managing teams and accomplishing an appropriate work atmosphere is undebatable. For this reason we invest constantly in management formation, in order not only to improve their technical capacity but also their skills in connection with managing people. In April 2016, 64 managers concluded Veracel’s Leadership DNA development program. For a year and a half, groups worked on aspects such as systemic vision, strategic and economic-financial management, and others.


“Veracel’s Leadership DNA prepared the company’s leadership at all levels, developing an integrated group and focusing on overcoming present and future challenges.”

Vanessa Amaral, Coordinator of the course at Dom Cabral Foundation, responsible for the training

Maturity put to the test

In 2016, we started our pilot project for Maturity Assessment, or SAM® System. This important instrument for personnel development was initially tested in two areas to evaluate the maturity of tasks and behavior of employees.

All told, 75 professionals were assessed individually by means of this new procedure. In addition to providing employees’ performance percentage, SAM® provides precise identification of tasks that require training and self-evaluation, as well as developing a plan of action to orient managers’ actions. [G4-LA11]



Total number of people evaluated in 2016: 15 employees (2.0%)

Men: 10      Women: 5


Operational category

Total number of people evaluated in 2016: 60 employees (7.66%)

Men: 53      Women: 7


Management group*
(Directors, Consultants, Managers, Coordinators and Specialists)

Total number of people evaluated in 2016: 69 employees (8.8%)

Men: 51      Women: 18

*Evaluated by the MBR (Management by Results) instrument, on the basis of corporate and individual targets and Veracel competencies (focus and orientation on results, leadership, interpersonal relations, teamwork, development of people and self-development).


Learn more about the SAM® System and how it contributes to our employees’ personal development:


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