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An inspiring challenge


Human capital is the greatest asset of any company. At Veracel, the commitment to all employees, whether they are hired or outsourced professionals, is an explicit value that motivates the continuous improvement of our people management practices. This includes compensation policies aligned to the market, constant attention to health and well-being, promotion of a safe workplace, and investments in training and qualification of our employees. In 2017, changes in budget management inspired a more assertive visibility on the people management. [GRI 103-1, 103-2, 103-3: Job]


Think differently to make better

In 2017, the implementation of Zero-Based Budgeting brought a new management challenge: optimize costs while continuing to invest in employees’ training and qualification. Due to the methodology, we were able to reduce costs compared to the number in the last year without reducing the time invested in the training of professionals.

People ask me whether we stop doing anything because of the Zero-Based Budgeting. And I answer no. The methodology is not an uncontrolled reduction of costs. It is a smart investment of resources, and that’s what we have done in the people management area. Training our professionals is a priority and continues to be one of our primary goals. All trainings continue to be provided.”

Anderson Ângelo de Souza – Financial and Management Director

In 2017, we invested more than R$ 700 mil in people development
There were almost 50,000 hours of training,
an average of 62 hours per employee [GRI 404-1]


One of the strategies to optimize costs is bringing more courses to the company’s internal environment, reducing costs of transport and external spaces rental. This change ensures other relevant benefits to the process, such as time optimization, since the people displacement is lower.”

Maria Rita, coach on practicality of courses at the factory


Who composes our company

Profile of hired employees* [GRI 102-8]






*Work for an indeterminate period

Total of employees*


*Work for an indeterminate period

Total de colaboradores por gênero*


*All 3,334 employees are in the region of Bahia.


Neighbors and coworkers

When we need to fill a vacancy, our first option is choosing from employees who already work at Veracel through internal selection processes. When this is not possible, we prefer to hire professionals from the region, valuing local workforce. In this case, the disclose job vacancies on our channels, such our site, and regional media and via local institutions as well, such as the National Employment System (Sine, in Portuguese acronym).



Planting seeds, harvesting fruit

In addition to investments in own team – and aware of its responsibility to the local community –,Veracel has continuous practices to broaden the opportunities to hire professionals from the region. For this, the company seeks to provide the applicants with training and qualification.


Course for Forestry Machinery operators

The 24th class of this initiative had 23 students selected from 550 applicants in 2017. In all, there were 180 hours of training in the company’s Itinerant Training module in the municipality of Itabela (BA). At the end of two months, 14 students who excelled were hired by Veracel as trainee operators. The classes are taught by a team formed by Veracel’s skilled employees who were trained by Senai. Learn more about Course for Forestry Machinery operators .



Young Apprentice program

In November, 18 students of the course of Administrative Tasks attended the closing ceremony of the Young Apprentice 2017. The group received theoretical and practical training during 15 months, not only on administrative practices, but also about other important topics for the professional, such as sustainability, forest process certification, environment, among others.


The course was rewarding because I could learn from who knows how to work with excellence. In my career, I will always say that ‘I learned at Veracel´, and that’s very gratifying.”

Vida do Oliveira Silva, 17 years old




We value homegrown talents

Once hired, our employees rely on a series of programs and incentives designed to improve performance and motivate professional development.


Result-based Management

Result-based Management (GPR, in Portuguese acronym) evaluates and rewards the management-level employee’s performance by aligning their individual goals with the company’s strategic objectives. Other employees count on Profit Participation (PR, in Portuguese acronym) paid annually when the goals agreed among the company and the employees are reached, with monitoring of trade unions.


Green Belts training

In 2017, Veracel initiated the training of the first Green Belts class trained internally. There were 24 attendees among managers, engineers, technical assistants and maintenance and process engineers. In November and December, 80 hours of lectures were given, followed by the practical part of the course, comprising about five months for project development and implementation.


The projects will bring significant gains for the company, not only financial benefits, but also other important aspects, such as quality and customer relationship.”

Flávia Azevedo Silva, technical control and logistics manager

Leadership DNA

The leadership’s role in leading teams and developing a suitable work environment is undisputed. That’s why we invest constantly in training of managers in order to improve not only their technical skills, but also their people management abilities. In 2017, about 70 managers attended the Veracel Leadership DNA Development to leverage aspects such as systemic vision, strategic and economic-financial management and performance management, among others.



We evaluate to evolve

In 2017, the Maturity Evaluation process, also called SAM® System,, was extended to include the IT Coordination, Audit and Compliance Management and Recovery and Utility Coordination, a total of five areas evaluated since the project implementation in 2016. The prospect is that the SAM® Systems will be gradually implemented in other department over the next few years.

In all, 110 professionals were evaluated during the year. Besides indicating the percentage of the employee performance, SAM® enables the more precise identification of the tasks that need training, self-assessment and the development of a plan to guide the managers’ actions. [GRI 404-3]


Every assessment process demands some time to achieve the ideal level of accuracy. However, even though it is still in an early phase, we have already been able to identify gains in the area where the evaluation cycle was held for the second time. Both the feedbacks and the actions directed to the people development were more assertive in 2017, and the trend is that they will keep getting better, since the program will be improved continuously”

Mariana Figueiredo expert in People and Organizational Development at Veracel


Management category

Total of evaluations in 2016: 11 employees (1.3%)

Male: 10 Female: 1


Operation category

Total of evaluations in 2017: 98 employees (12%)

Male: 86 Female: 12


Manager group*
(Directors, Consultants, Managers, Coordinators and Experts)

Total of evaluations in 2017: 67 employees (8.3%)

Male: 53 Female: 14

* Evaluated by the GPR tool (Result-Based Management) based on Veracel corporate, individual and competence goals (focus and result- orientation, leadership, interpersonal relationships, teamwork, people development and self-development).


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