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Our quest for better and better results

On our 25th anniversary, we celebrate the best year in our history in terms of safety.


In the year when we turn a quarter of a century old, we have advanced toward our greatest target in terms of safety: zero accidents. We have honed our instruments and practices to ensure our employees’ health and safety. The result could not be different. In 2016, we celebrate the greatest reduction in the rate of accidents with loss of time (LTI) in our history: 0.37. This is 66% lower than the previous year.   [G4- DMA Occupational Health and Safety]

Click here to see tables with indicators related to occupational health and safety (G4-LA5, G4-LA6 e G4-LA8).



“An important challenge for 2017 will be to consolidate our optimum performance in occupational safety, keeping our LTI rate below 0.5, as in 2016.”

Ari da Silva Medeiros, Veracel’s Operations Director


Our daily safety

All the actions put in place over the year are a part of the Behavior Safety Program. In 2016, it promoted different initiatives which are already part of our health and safety culture, which has been improved throughout our 25 years.



• Safety Committee meetings in operational areas and Safety Workshops with participation of partner-companies’ management and Veracel’s Occupational Safety area.

• Auditing Program for partner-enterprises performed by external consultants, totalizing five field audits and two documentary.

• Promoting safety campaigns.

• Intensive use of occupational safety instruments by all employees, such as Register of Near-Accidents (RQA), Safety Prevention Action (APS) and Safety Observations.

• Internal Workplace Accident Prevention Week (SIPAT), comprising different actions.


SIPAT took place from October 17 to 21, on the theme of Take Care of Others. A total of 1,957 employees took part in educational actions.


It gets better and better

2016 saw novelties in the area of safety and health, with the creation of new management instruments.



Management Inspection

Twice a month a multidisciplinary team carried out field observation of employees to identify points for possible improvement of operational safety. These visits also helped stress awareness-raising messages constantly given out. In 2016, the initiative was applied in the Silviculture and Harvesting areas.


Matrix of responsibility of the Work Safety technicians

At the end of every month, safety technicians from partner-companies fill in a standard report setting out all the actions performed with their teams. This information is assessed by Veracel’s safety professionals, who grade every report according to a matrix pre-established at the beginning of the year, ranking the best performances. This is announced at monthly meetings to acknowledge and celebrate with those who got the best scores. In 2016, 29 technicians from 21 partner-enterprises were evaluated.


A pause to stretch

In our ongoing quest for employees’ health and welfare, in 2016 we continued with the Ergonomics Program. The aim is to set up comfortable work environments, designed to avoid possible injuries stemming from the activities carried out by each professional while performing his duties. Additionally, the practice of workplace gymnastics helps reduce possible discomfort, relieve stress and improve body posture and awareness, in-group activities.


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