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Message About Sustainability

The region where we have operated since 1991 in the southern Bahia is known by economic cycles – started with logging – that attracted a large migratory flow, generated conflicts because of land use and occupation and negatively impacted the Atlantic Forest biome. Veracel is inserted in this challenging scenario, drawing new lessons every day and trying to contribute to the territory development.

This commitment is supported by our sustainability strategy with core values that are part of our DNA. We are sure that Veracel is a dialogue-driven company with responsible and transparent operations. And it could not be otherwise. A forest-based company like us naturally needs to deal with environmental issues inherent in its activities. We extract our raw material, eucalyptus wood, from the environment. Our operations interact with natural resources, which we seek to preserve and care for. Our operations also have – positive and negative – impacts on people’s lives.

With more than 50 percent of our lands allocated for preservation, we manage our forestry activities based on the concept of mosaic plantations and landscape management, mainly seeking the Atlantic Forest biome conservation, the physical protection of the areas under the Veracel’s responsibility, the interactivity and the ecological corridor development. We optimize our investments in the form of institutional arrangements and partnerships, such as the Bird Watching Project, in the RPPN Veracel Station, and we are able to expand our actions’ scope.

Over 26 years, we have evolved our dialogue and interaction with communities, including the traditional ones, seeking to better understand their demands and profiles in order to quantify our footprint and guide our social and environmental investments. Indigenous communities have our attention and support to their causes that we consider legitimate, such as initiatives undertaken in the education field. And we have also managed to structure a major project resulting from an agreement for a land use conflict with social movements, contributing to the foundation of settlements with quality and sustainability.

These are some aspects of our activities that show us that sustainability, as a transversal concept in our company, must always permeate all our decisions. This is what we disclose in this publication illustrated by results, indicators and stories. This is another channel opened to dialogue, opinions and suggestions. After all, we are aware that our learning is daily task.



Renato Carneiro

Sustainability Manager at Veracel


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