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How to read this report

The Veracel’s operational map, which shows how the company is inserted in the region where it operates, is the starting point for navigation through the ‘Made in Bahia to the World’ website. By clicking on each reference point on the map, you can see a summary of the content to which the reader will be directed. There are 10 core topics about the Veracel’s business, which influence the company’s positioning and guide our decision-making process. Each of these themes includes labels for GRI disclosure items that together compose the Veracel sustainability block.

Throughout the report, you will see marks in brackets [GRI Standard] indicating that there are contents that meet certain disclosure items or forms of management [DMA]. We also suggest links so that you can know and learn more from external sources. To check in detail this report compliance with the methodology, click on the GRI Table of Content from the main menu. You can find files to supplement this report’s information on the Download Center, also from the main menu.

You can contribute to improve our report. Please send your opinion, comments or suggestions via our communication channels (contacts on the bottom of this page). [GRI 102-5]

10 Relevant Themes


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