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With 26 years of operations and consistent results, we are a consolidated reference in the national market in terms of productivity and quality.



[GRI 102-1, 102-2, 102-3, 102-4, 102-5, 102-6, 102-7, 102-8]


Made in Bahia to Brazil [GRI 102-4]

Veracel’s total area: 227,172 hectares (ha), of which 218,540 ha are in Bahia and 8,632 ha are in Minas Gerais. The lands located in Minas Gerais are not linked to the plant supply.


Eucalyptus plantation:

Located in the southern Bahia
Distributed in 10 municipalities

Compliance with plantation limit and operational restrictions


For each hectare of planted eucalyptus,
another hectare is destined
to environmental preservation.


MunicipalityVCC’s areain themunicipality (ha)Planted area (ha)Preservation area (ha)%
Preservation area
VCC’s plantation over totalmunicipality
% Maximum plantation allowedPPF plantation (ha)
PPF plantation over totalmunicipality
Porto Seguro24,37511,20512,06149.54.9153,9231.7
Santa Cruz Cabrália45,02718,05825,29756.212.4152,3881.6

Veracel’s total area: 227,172 hectares (ha), of which 218,540 ha are in Bahia and 8,632 ha are in Minas Gerais. The table considers the certified management area which supplies wood to the plant for cellulose production. All information includes own and leased areas.


Under new leadership

In February 2018, before the conclusion of this report, the governance transition period, started in May 2017, came to an end, with the departure of former CEO Antonio Sergio Alipio. The Management Committee, composed of one representative of each shareholder, handed over the company’s leadership to the new CEO, Andreas Birmoser. In addition this position, other three directors form the company’s management.


Anderson Ângelo de Souza, Financial and Administrative Director
Ari da Silva Medeiros, Industrial Director
Moacyr Fantini Junior, Forest Director

[GRI 102-18]

Thus, during most part of the year, the governance structure was formed by the following bodies: Executive Board, to which the Management Committee and the Audit Committee were associated. All of them worked under the senior management’s supervision.

However, the change does not alter the principles of our management model, based on processes, policies, practices and regulations, which ensure transparency to our company’s management.


Executive Board

The Executive Board is the Veracel’s highest governance body. Consisted of two shareholders’ representatives, it is responsible for supervising management, establishing the company’s strategic guidelines, investments, finances and organization, receiving information from and reporting to shareholders. It is also the responsible for electing the directors.

Audit Committee

It is composed by the shareholders’ representatives and two representatives of the Executive Board. Its objectives are monitoring (i) the financial reports’ quality and integrity, (ii) compliance with legal, statutory and regulatory standards, (iii) the adjusted processes related to risk management and internal controls; and (iv) the internal and independent auditors’ activities.

Specialized Support Groups

They support the directors’ decision-making: Legal, Financial, Industrial, Forest and Sustainability groups.

Veracel’s Executive Board members
HoldersAlternatesVeracel* General Management
Markus Mannstrom, Chairman
(Stora Enso)Marcelo Struffaldi Castelli
(Fibria)Paulo Silveira
(Fibria)Aires Galhardo
(Fibria)Otávio Pontes
(Stora Enso)Pasi Kycling
(Stora Enso)
Sakari Eloranta
(Stora Enso)Francisco Valério
(Fibria)Eduardo Gondo
(Stora Enso)Wellington Giacomin
(Fibria)Johan Lindman
(Stora Enso)Adjarbas Guerra
Andreas BirmoserIndustrial Director:
Ari da Silva MedeirosForest Director:
Moacyr Fantini
Financial and Administrative Director:
Anderson Ângelo de Souza*Structure in effect since May 1º, 2017Management Committee:
Otávio Pontes (Stora Enso) and
Wellington Giacomin (Fibria)
Executive Board Committee:
Anderson Ângelo de Souza, Finance and Administrative Director; Ari da Silva Medeiros, Industrial Director (Committee’s coordinator) and
Moacyr Fantini, Forest Director.


Continuous reviews to ensure quality

Always attentive to factors that may impact business, Veracel monitors the risks closely, based on a matrix updated periodically by our team. We believe that this preventive action allows us to see further, broadening the review scope and enhancing our chances of overcoming issues. [GRI 102-11]


Values that guide us

The values are the foundation of our Code of Conduct,
which has guided all hired and
outsourced employees over the last year. [GRI 102-16]


Click here and know the Veracel Code of Conduct.



In 2017, the Code of Conduct training began to be provided
to all employees, not just for newcomers.
In all, there were 443 hours of training on this document.



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